Disposable Fiction – The Rabbit’s Last Stand: Part Eight – BOOM!

Well, despite all of my best endeavors, PART EIGHT has happened. I know that you and I had that talk and we thought we were of an accord on this. But things happen, life intervenes, people change over time, folks fall into pits, governments ascend and descend, and zoological signs proceed slowly across the sky in a twenty-five thousand year cycle and next thing you know a Pisces is a Gemini.

All I am saying is although we didn’t anticipate it, PART EIGHT is here and we’re going to have to deal with it – meaning PLEASE ENJOY! And afterwards, please send PART ONEPART TWOPART THREEPART FOURPART FIVEPART SIX, and PART SEVEN some love!

The Story So Far…

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Disposable Fiction – The Rabbit’s Last Stand: Part Seven

Part SEVEN?! This is getting out of hand. What was originally started as a lark has come to life and is stomping around the village! Won’t someone spontaneously form a mob to deal with this menace? Grab the pitchforks! The torches! The suspiciously dirty and cinematically decrepit people! Gather and scream crowd murmurs at the monster arrayed before us!

Where was I?

Got it! Is this mess going to be like PART ONE, PART TWO, PART THREE, PART FOUR, PART FIVE, PART SIX, and PART EIGHT, even though there isn’t a PART EIGHT yet? I sure hope so!

The Story So Far…

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Creating A Villain, Then Taking A Shower Afterwards

Woof. Here’s the thing about writing. Sometimes it ain’t pretty. In fact, sometimes it is downright menacing for your health.

Take the latest story I have been working on in-between more serious ventures. Please.

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The Rabbit’s Last Stand SIDEQUEST – The Short Career of Doug McDuff (Part Three)

Please read PART ONE and PART TWO to get an idea of what is going on.

She knew he was coming. She was toying with him. He knew this, yet was still determined to move ahead.

He didn’t think he had ever wanted to kill someone so much. Goddamn sock monkeys, staples, nearly getting shot, tripping down the stairs… his neck was still stiff and he had a huge lump on his head. His back was still stinging.

He had laid out all of his weapons on his bed. A Glock 26, a Baretta Nano, a .44, two knives, and a steel garotte. “Damn,” he thought. “I wish I had a dart gun. Or a harpoon!” He laughed a little to himself, imagining a harpoon sticking out of the side of Darlene’s head. And then of her walking through a revolving door.

He was aware of laughing a little too hard at this.

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The Weekend Redirect: My Strange Moment with Mr. Reagan — by Mitch Teemley

Anecdotes about celebrity meetings can be vapid or inspiring. Mitch Teemley’s anecdote about his meeting Ronald Reagan is neither of those, yet so much more awesome! Read this immediately!

You can visit Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln at Disneyland by dodging the trolley, forgoing Goofy’s autograph, and hanging a hard right. As the curtains draw back, Mr. Lincoln rises painfully, his mechanical legs being bolted to the floor, and begins to speak, his warm baritone emanating from a hole in a desk several feet […]

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