About Me


John d’Andriole has been writing for well over a week by now. Like most people, he has opinions on things. Like most people on the internet, he isn’t afraid of braying said opinions to strangers. Like fewer people, he kind of gets the idea that this may not be laudable.

Sometimes he puts his opinions on this website. Some opinions have to do with the arts or mass media. Others have to do with different arts and other forms of mass media. It is guaranteed that at some point there will be a spelling error somewhere to be uncovered months after the initial posting. This discovery will happen while he is reading his old posts and mourning his misspent youth. Sometimes wine is involved. Every time, whine is involved.

You can reach him at jcdandriole@g m a i l . c o m. He put the spaces in the email address to stop the email from being scraped and put into the giant, self-aware database that controls who gets adverts for Viagra. He also put the spaces in there to scare the agoraphobes.

Please enjoy the blog! It was painstakingly half-assed to extreme tolerances! Hugs and kisses!