The Weekend Redirect – Five Ways to Cope With A Bad Review by Cristian Mihai on IREVUO

Holy cats and kittens! Sometimes I need to take a breath and step back, take good criticism as it comes, and relinquish the bad. The problem is: we writers WANT to be read and enjoyed. The writers who don’t… well, you can tell.

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The Weekend Redirect – KITCHEN CRASH by Basilike Pappa on the site SILENT HOUR

Constraints can shape art. A good example is the band “The White Stripes.” The very limited drum skills Meg White brought to the table actually created a unique and successful sound.

Another great example is this piece called “Kitchen Crash” on Basilike Pappa’s amazing blog “Silent Hour.” Each sentence contains eight words, which match the number of letters in the word “omelette.” These self-imposed constraints shaped and informed the art.

While there, check out the rest of this site. It contains a great mix of poetry and prose. This is someone to pay attention to!


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The Weekend Redirect: My Strange Moment with Mr. Reagan — by Mitch Teemley

Anecdotes about celebrity meetings can be vapid or inspiring. Mitch Teemley’s anecdote about his meeting Ronald Reagan is neither of those, yet so much more awesome! Read this immediately!

You can visit Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln at Disneyland by dodging the trolley, forgoing Goofy’s autograph, and hanging a hard right. As the curtains draw back, Mr. Lincoln rises painfully, his mechanical legs being bolted to the floor, and begins to speak, his warm baritone emanating from a hole in a desk several feet […]

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The Weekend Redirect: How I Cured My Anxiety by Leo the Nerdy Lion

Leo the Nerdy Lion writes about a subject near and dear to my heart – crippling anxiety. I found this post to be extremely helpful and I hope you do as well.

I strongly suggest this article for everyone whose mind suddenly turns in on itself and Ouroboros-like starts to devour its own tail.

SOURCE: How I Cured My Anxiety

The Nerdy Lion

Anxiety sucks, I know it, you know it, I think even deep-down anxiety knows it’s a deplorable piece of poop as well. No breath is deep enough, sleep is difficult to come by and you just feel burdened by, well, everything; society’s expectations, the ones you set on yourself, and most importantly – your cat. It literally feels like the world is weighing on your shoulders and you feel alone, like the only person in the world who has ever felt this way. Yeah, it feels insurmountable and sure, you probably feel embarrassed that you let it get this far. But don’t worry, the Lion is here to help you. Now before you go ahead and take everything I say as gospel, just remember I don’t have a doctorate in psychology or therapy. I do however think……like a lot, so you are in safe hands.

joker-main Why so anxious Batman?


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The Weekend Redirect: Defeats by Cristian Mihai

I wrote a little bit ago about writing despite whatever life throws at you. Life intervenes, and sometimes in an extremely brusk manner.

This post on Cristian Mihai’s blog goes into better detail in a more eloquent (and less goofy) manner. Read it and learn, peeps!

Source: Defeats by Cristian Mihai