Plan 9 from Outer Space (1959)


And here we are at last with what the Golden Turkey awards called the “worst film of all time.”

That’s right! Edward D. Wood, Jr.’s high/low point in glorious cinema! Here is where all of the lessons he learned from “Glen Or Glenda” and “Bride of the Monster” were completely ignored. This is the baseline for any measurement of terrible movies.

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Reading Outside Your Genre

A key point about writing genre novels (and what ISN’T a genre these days) is to read heavily in the genre you wish to write in.

Which, yes, okay… that’s true. If you want to write Romance, read Romance. Take a look at modern trends, look at how the market is going, then take your story and aim for the biggest readership you can get. That’s all fine.

Here’s the problem: ONLY reading within your genre.

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The Writing Habits of Bestselling Authors

This weekend, we revisit the always-excellent site LionAroundWriting. This time around, the Lion roars about the writing habits of bestselling authors. He looks at the habits of Stephen King, John Grisham, Dean Koontz, and James Patterson.

You may not like some (or all) of these authors, but you can’t deny that they’re impactful. So what are the habits of these successful authors? Read and find out!

The Writing Habits of Bestselling Authors


I’M NOT USUALLY one to eulogize commercial success, but when it comes to books I can’t help but be astounded by the sheer volume of books the authors below have produced. Between them they have published over 275 books. It is almost inhuman: it should be! Total sales figures are equally insane: over 1 billion copies sold world-wide.

As with anything, I am like most people, curious as to what lies behind outstanding people in their fields. It’s a common human need, an almost senseless curiosity as if by uncovering who the person is, we too might share in their success by emulating what they do. But humans are equally stupid. Nobody can be anyone else but themselves, but we fool ourselves into thinking if we try harder, if we change our habits, if we just do something they do, things will come easy, life will never be the same…

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