Archibald MacLeish, Part One: The Nightmare Begins

If he were alive today, you’d be seeing this picture on a wanted poster in a post office.

Some poems stick with you all of your life. At the same time, so does extreme trauma and malaria. One poem/trauma that comes to mind is “Ars Poetica” by well-known walrus molester Archibald MacLeish.

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America’s Untapped Resources! Part Two: Giant Death Robots – by M.D. Ambersaurius


The future is inevitable. Don’t believe me? Wait five seconds.


Welcome to the future! How different things were five seconds ago! What a wild trip, huh? And what has changed over the last few seconds? Not very much.


Except we are now over five seconds closer to the development of Giant Death Robots!

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America’s Untapped Resources! Part one: Orphans! – by M.D. Ambersaurius


The 19th century was great to England. Their empire spanned the globe! Once a puny island nation, they expanded into a global player, holding continents in their limp, clammy, fish-like grip. How did they do this?

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Employer/Employee Relations: Batters Up! – by M.D. Ambersaurius


What is it that encourages workers more: fear or love? Easy enough question to answer while you stalk down the cubicle farm waiting to ambush the unsuspecting.

It’s fear, damn you! Fear!

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At the Risk of Sounding Serious: Poetry

In a picture, the very essence of what makes poetry insufferable!

I used to disdain poetry. I wondered, “is there really anything worse?” And I disdained it for what I felt was a very compelling reason: I used to write poetry.

In fact, poetry used to consume me. I was a voracious reader of poetry, and therefore a voracious writer of it. It was an inglorious habit. When you tell people you’re a poet, they imagine the worst of you.

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