Religion for Fun and Prophet (Yeah, I Know…)

When being driven from a religion, one ends up in some far-afield places.

Okay, let’s backtrack. Just say that I was once a fundamentalist Christian and am no longer. No big whoop. That’s not what’s important here. What is important is that once you are in the marketplace for new gods, you can find some real boutique treasures.

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F*cking Millennials! Oh, How I HATE Them – by M. D. Ambersaurius

People come up to me and say “M.D….” and then my security team smashes them into a wall, because people should be seen and only heard shrieking in agony after trying to talk to me. But I know in every case what they want to say to me:

“M.D., what do you think about this terrible Millennial problem we have in this nation?”

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Conversational Buddhas

He said still in his seat and sighed, blissfully sinking into the chair and conversation. His mind glided over images of his fellow creatures. “Nature abounds in absurdities.”

“How so?” She asked. Her feet rooted to the ground, drawing energy through non-motion and the turbulence of the inner, both of the Earth and of herself. She looked at the man across from her. He too was energy.

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