Juggling Chainsaws!

Word Count

FIRST DRAFT DONE! It clocked in at a measly 56,491 words. That would make for a thin novel and I want my money’s worth out of this. So the second draft will be all about BLOAT!

And to all the people who said I couldn’t do it, I say: where were you? No one said I couldn’t do it at all.

Writing Advice: Monogamy? Feh!

Two things I want to address: being behind on your word count, and getting another idea during the writing process.

And the answer to both is YES!

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Step On The Pedal

Word Count

Yep, I’m still doing that. 53,399 words. I took a couple of days off because I won NanoWriMo and so figured I could take a victory lap or seven. The first draft is almost done. I have two more chapters to launch.

Writing Advice: Start, Already!

Book-ending from the previous post! Clever, huh? I took my Clever Pills* today.

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Ease Off The Pedal

Word Count

51,135 words! Not as many as I’m used to, but it’s the razza-frazzin’ holidays. Sorry. Language.

Next up…

Writing Advice: Stop, Already!

Sometimes, the “muse” can be a little pushy. I’ve been dreaming about my story, thinking about my story during work, plotting out my story while eating, writing the outline of my story on the front of my Trapper Keeper™ with little red hearts surrounding it, scratching the names of my protagonists on my arm with my finger nails, and carving the name of my novel on the old oak tree down by Potterson’s pond, where the ol’ tire swing is.

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NanoWriMo Update: 11/24/2015

Word Count

50,061 words! NanoWriMo accomplished! The story isn’t. It’s the last push. Probably another 10,000 words or so.

Writer’s Advice: Do What the Great Writers Do!


I’ve lost my voice and it feels like my ears are filled with mud. A complicated network of phlegm has settled into my chest and is firing cannonballs up my throat every so often.

I hope you’re not eating while reading this.

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NanoWriMo Update: 11/23/2015

Word Count

47,722 words total. 2,261 words today. Hot damn!

Here’s what you’ve been dreading.

Writer’s Advice: Writing When You’re Sick (of Writing)

I’ve caught a monster cold. I feel terrible. I caught it from another author. This is why writing is usually a solitary art form. Writers are generally an unhygienic bunch. I can imagine writers’ rooms are heavens for contagion. One day I’ll visit one bringing a black light with me to prove my hypothesis.

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