Disposable Fiction – The Rabbit’s Last Stand: Part One

Yesterday, I posted a graphic in my Facebook feed:


A couple of other friends had posted this before, so I decided to give it a go. Every person who commented on this would receive an introduction to a novel.

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Blank Page Blues

Let’s say your sink has exploded, your significant other is more significant with others, your pet is sick, the roof is on fire but not in a fun/party way, you’ve been told off by people you respect, your job is a soul-draining vampire that has clamped down on your neck and won’t let go, you are frustrated, mad, and sad.

But you still have to write.

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The Weekend Redirect: Reditus – Amanda Mininger

Amanda Mininger discusses coming back to writing after a long delay in this wonderful blog post. This is something that is universal for those of us who love slinging words together. I myself took a nearly year long break for one reason or another and the factory has only just started up again.

Read the post, but don’t just read the post. Savor the whole thing. This person can write!

Source: Reditus