Talking To Writers

It was said that writing is the most solitary of artistic endeavors. I cannot remember who said that.

Was it that guy at the bus station? No, he had some interesting (and gross) proposals for me but no real insight. Probably someone at a coffee house. Notions like that flow heavily in a coffee house. Starbucks, yes, but even more so in local coffee houses, where people will pin you down into a black hole conversation of “no corporate coffee!” that is so dense that not even insight can escape.

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The Rabbit’s Last Stand SIDEQUEST – The Short Career of Doug McDuff (Part Two)

PART ONE and PART THREE are available! Why start in the middle?

Doug lay on his stomach on the roof, empty Chinese food paper boxes laying around him. His binoculars were down and he was reading a manual on using a sniper rifle. But his mind wasn’t engaged on that.

He was thinking about last night’s disaster.

He went bar hopping, trying to forget the sock monkeys staring at him. There was no way his target was aware of him, he was certain of that. But for some reason, those pinprick black sock monkey eyes stuck in his head. So he figured the best way to forget about it was by hitting the bars and picking up some floozy.

It did not go as planned.

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