Disposable Fiction – The Rabbit’s Last Stand: Part Eight – BOOM!

Well, despite all of my best endeavors, PART EIGHT has happened. I know that you and I had that talk and we thought we were of an accord on this. But things happen, life intervenes, people change over time, folks fall into pits, governments ascend and descend, and zoological signs proceed slowly across the sky in a twenty-five thousand year cycle and next thing you know a Pisces is a Gemini.

All I am saying is although we didn’t anticipate it, PART EIGHT is here and we’re going to have to deal with it – meaning PLEASE ENJOY! And afterwards, please send PART ONEPART TWOPART THREEPART FOURPART FIVEPART SIX, and PART SEVEN some love!

The Story So Far…

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Reading Outside Your Genre

A key point about writing genre novels (and what ISN’T a genre these days) is to read heavily in the genre you wish to write in.

Which, yes, okay… that’s true. If you want to write Romance, read Romance. Take a look at modern trends, look at how the market is going, then take your story and aim for the biggest readership you can get. That’s all fine.

Here’s the problem: ONLY reading within your genre.

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The Weekend Redirect: Balancing Life and Writing: When It Isn’t Exciting

Balancing Life and Writing: When It Isn’t Exciting by Nichole McGhie

When you’re on fire, writing is an exciting whirlwind made in equal parts of unicorns, spaceships, kittens, fireworks, and awesome.

But like anything else, that doesn’t last. And once the flash-blind heady rush flows away, you’re left with a fantastic first draft that really needs work.

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