Much of Poetry in a Nutshell (Where It Belongs) – “Poeta Fit, Non Nascitur” by Lewis Carroll

When writing poems, one should avoid all forms of clichés. However, sometimes the form itself can be a cliché.

Take Victorian poetry (and keep it.)

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Poetry – The Other Write Neat

I have rambled on about what poetry is, isn’t, and what it should be. But I have never gotten around to talking about how to write it or how to become a poet.

I am going to try to take care of that with as little crying as possible.

Please note: I did not say that there would be no crying.

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Archibald MacLeish Part Two: Arse Poetica

Absolutely unretouched photo of Archibald MacLeish shortly before draining the soul of Zelda Fitzgerald in Rockville, MD. What, are you calling me a liar?!

And so we land at the crime he is most famous for. The poem that killed poetry. “Ars Poetica.” In this poem, MacLeish’s thesis is a poem is a waste of time and one shouldn’t even bother with it. And with his poetry he comes SO CLOSE to proving this theory!

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GAH! Second Passes Pass So Slow! Bonus: Poetry!

QUESTION: When do you as a writer decide that a work is finished?

I am still going on my second pass on the novel. I have jumped around as needed. Second drafts are writing triage. I have to decide what can be saved and what isn’t worth the time to fix.

What I have to beware of is constant polishing. There will come a point where I have to “abandon” my novel. That isn’t to say that I am quitting. It means that I have to declare it “finished” and move on to my many other projects.

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