Motto: to release and patch!

We’ve come a long way! Initial release and Patches v0.1-0.5 were, admittedly, rocky. The inclusion of the PUBERTY DLC at v0.95 was perhaps a little soon. It just wasn’t ready for primetime and the devs had to scramble to correct bugs with the voice, height, skin textures, and especially the privates. They barely scraped things together in time for patch v1.18 with the addition of the COLLEGE DLC. And… well… we’re sorry about that one. Our bad.

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Something About Vampires

Are vampires still a thing? Did Twilight kill that at last? Are they still a romantic ideal of some sort – kind of an aristocratic rape-y sort of thing where someone in a higher economic class comes down and robs you of your free will with their eye-ruffies?

I hope not! I like vampires!

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Religion for Fun and Prophet (Yeah, I Know…)

When being driven from a religion, one ends up in some far-afield places.

Okay, let’s backtrack. Just say that I was once a fundamentalist Christian and am no longer. No big whoop. That’s not what’s important here. What is important is that once you are in the marketplace for new gods, you can find some real boutique treasures.

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The Weekend Redirect: How I Cured My Anxiety by Leo the Nerdy Lion

Leo the Nerdy Lion writes about a subject near and dear to my heart – crippling anxiety. I found this post to be extremely helpful and I hope you do as well.

I strongly suggest this article for everyone whose mind suddenly turns in on itself and Ouroboros-like starts to devour its own tail.

SOURCE: How I Cured My Anxiety