Appendix I: The Appendix

There are two types of appendixes that come to mind.

The first kind is fairly useless and harmless, a vestigial remnant that is still there but not necessary. However, if it gets swollen it can kill.

The second kind is a body part.

Yes, Sci-fi and Fantasy lovers, I am talking about your gross, weird body.

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Armageddon Married In The Morning

You know that one book where society has crumbled into nothingness, dark forces rule the world in a totalitarian mess where people are almost universally oppressed, and it’s up to the very, very few special people to change the world into something better?

That ONE book?

What’s the title again?

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Phoning It In The Fantasy Way

Please note: this is, like everything else, a series of opinions – both informed and not at all so. So the feeling that I am full of crap and have no idea what I am talking about is ALWAYS a viable feeling about this article. 

I think Fantasy writers have an easier time of things. First of all, any unexplained phenomena can be explained with two words: it’s magic.

Second of all, magic can do anything. Whatever the author requires, magic can fill in.

Third of all, when in doubt, emulate Tolkien.

This is, of course, to reduce a difficult genre into ridiculous simplicity.

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Enjoy Your Favorite Jackass!

Novel Progress

Writing is easy. Rewriting is NOT NOT NOT! I am continuing to fill out the details and locating the characters in time and space. This means working with all the fiddly-bit details that are necessary but not very sexy to write.


Some wonderful artists are terrible, terrible people.

For instance, Theodor Geisel, aka Dr. Seuss. There is no question on how wonderful his children’s books are. There is also no question that he had an affair while his wife was dying of cancer, thus driving his wife to suicide. He married his mistress shortly afterwards. They then ditched his new wife’s kids from a previous marriage because “Ted would not have been happy with them.”

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