Reading Outside Your Genre

A key point about writing genre novels (and what ISN’T a genre these days) is to read heavily in the genre you wish to write in.

Which, yes, okay… that’s true. If you want to write Romance, read Romance. Take a look at modern trends, look at how the market is going, then take your story and aim for the biggest readership you can get. That’s all fine.

Here’s the problem: ONLY reading within your genre.

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Why Boys Should Read Girl Books

I asked Representation Project staffer Cristina Escobar what happens when boys read only books by males, about males. She said that they will be “taught that girls are objects, that they are prizes that they can win,” and that “boys go out and do things and girls sit back and wait to be rescued.”

This “Weekend Redirect” takes you to Caroline Paul’s excellent article about the need for boys to read “girl books.”

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Handling Negative Comments

Amanda McCormick brings up an important notion in this “Weekend Redirect:” how to handle criticism. Not constructive critiques, but full on “you suck” verbal assaults.

Read on to learn her excellent suggestions which DON’T feature a kick to the sternum or slowly walking away from an explosion.

Author Amanda McCormick

Writing Tips and Tricks

So, I’m about to touch onto something that all writers who put their work out there to be seen have to deal with. It’s the thing that frightens us, and the thing that quite often keeps us silent and insecure, when we should be proud of all that we can accomplish.

It’s the negative comment.

I’m not talking about constructive criticism. I’m actually a huge fan of that. I think that we have to strive to take criticism, to hear notes, to want to improve ourselves. The moment that we can’t hear constructive criticism is the moment that we stop wanting to improve ourselves as writers. No… I’m talking about the negative comment – the condescending reader – the brash brutes who want to tell us how bad we are without actually delving into how we could improve. These people don’t know what a compliment sandwich is. These people exist…

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This Smells Terrible! Here, Smell It!

Bad writing.

I mean really bad writing.

I love it.

I find it inspirational. Whenever I read a terrible published work, I step back with a little reverence and more awe than I anticipated.

Discovering really terrible writing is like discovering a smell so bad that you have to share it with family and friends. It’s so bad that it becomes a bonding experience.

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