GenCon 2016 – Day TWO (Three)

You know how armies have consistently throughout history prepared for the previous war? I consistently prepare myself for my previous mistake. The upshot is that I live in perpetual fear that I have forgotten something extremely important, but not so important that I would remember it.

The upshotted upshot is that if I knew how to sew my lanyard onto my clothes, I would have.

Welcome to GenCon 2016, Saturday Edition – Day Two (for me)

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In Memoriam…

By now, everyone knows that Prince died. This is terribly sad, but this is not what really got to me.

On Thursday night, Michelle McNamara died.

Michelle Eileen McNamara was a true crime writer, creator of the True Crime Diary website, and wife to the comedian Patton Oswalt. She died in her sleep. She was only 46 years old. She left behind her husband and their seven-year-old daughter Alice.

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Midwestern Hospitality

A lot of great things have been said about “Southern hospitality,” and to that I say “no.” Southern hospitality is not as hospitable as some might think.

The thing with Southern hospitality is there is almost always the patima of superiority about it. It is a subtle one upmanship where people try to outdo each other in small ways. There are subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) shades of condescension; as if a “bless your heart” is never far away.

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