Battlefield Earth (2001)

F*** me…

The good news: you have a hero – someone you nearly worship. This hero has inspired you in ways that you could never have anticipated. The example of this hero has kept you brave during the darkest times in your life. This hero’s legacy guides you and brings you comfort. When you feel weak or hopeless, you think of this mentor and find the wind you need to fill your sails.

Eventually, you are back on top. You use your new-found power and status to do a kindness: bring this hero’s dream to reality. Share this strength and vision with the world.

The bad news – and the news is VERY bad: this hero is famed con-man, domestic abuser, and kidnapper L. Ron Hubbard. Your stand-in in this fable? John Travolta.

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World-Builders Series: Week 1: World and Land Creation – Jessica Cauthon

Today’s Weekend Redirect goes to Jessica Cauthon’s always excellent blog at

In this post, she is starting a new series about world building, which can be a very tricky part of creating a novel. This new series promises to be filled with important information helpful to anyone who wants to flush out their fictional world or role-playing adventures.

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#WomenBoycottTwitter Because Our Voices Matter

There isn’t much to say that isn’t perfectly summed up in this short post on A BIT TO READ. It is a fantastic blog, and I really enjoy Isa-Lee Wolf’s writing. I think her voice is succinct and thoughtful.

This post discusses the #WomenBoycottTwitter tag in response to Rose McGowan’s temporary ban from Twitter. Regardless as to whether McGowan was banned because she was calling out hypocrites or doxing someone’s phone number is neither here nor there. Women have been silenced pretty much for all of recorded history all around the world, so seeing it done in a public forum is both extremely discouraging and nothing at all new under the sun.

While you’re at it, check out the rest of the blog! It’s fantastic!

Source: #WomenBoycottTwitter Because Our Voices Matter