#WomenBoycottTwitter Because Our Voices Matter

There isn’t much to say that isn’t perfectly summed up in this short post on A BIT TO READ. It is a fantastic blog, and I really enjoy Isa-Lee Wolf’s writing. I think her voice is succinct and thoughtful.

This post discusses the #WomenBoycottTwitter tag in response to Rose McGowan’s temporary ban from Twitter. Regardless as to whether McGowan was banned because she was calling out hypocrites or doxing someone’s phone number is neither here nor there. Women have been silenced pretty much for all of recorded history all around the world, so seeing it done in a public forum is both extremely discouraging and nothing at all new under the sun.

While you’re at it, check out the rest of the blog! It’s fantastic!

Source: #WomenBoycottTwitter Because Our Voices Matter