Why Boys Should Read Girl Books

I asked Representation Project staffer Cristina Escobar what happens when boys read only books by males, about males. She said that they will be “taught that girls are objects, that they are prizes that they can win,” and that “boys go out and do things and girls sit back and wait to be rescued.”

This “Weekend Redirect” takes you to Caroline Paul’s excellent article about the need for boys to read “girl books.”

She gives the anecdote about being rejected to talk to a middle school about her newest book “The Gutsy Girl: Escapades for Your Life of Epic Adventure.” The reason she was rejected was because the middle school was afraid of excluding boys.

Here is why that is such bullshit. My older daughter’s reading list for her AP English course is nothing but a big ol’ sausage party. There are NO books where a woman is the main protagonist. Oh sure, there are women in the books. But they have the same role in the novels as a group of girls having to watch the boys play sports. They don’t DO anything other than support the main character.

If middle schools are REALLY worried about alienating kids, then they should stop alienating girls and assign books with female main characters that aren’t named “Anne Frank.”

Anyway, visit Why Boys Should Read Girl Books. You’ll be glad you did!