How Pitching a Novel is Like Being in the Secret Service

Ryan Lanz kindly shares a post by J.J. Hensley (visit his blog as well) likening pitching a novel to… well, you’ve seen the title. It’s a fascinating read!


How Pitching A Novel Is Like Being In The Secret Service




Also, visit J.J. Hensley’s blog Steel City Intrigue for more fascinating blog posts. And buy their books for *&$#*& sakes!

Book Review: Memoirs of my Nervous Illness


Imagine that you are renowned as one of the finer judges of your country. You are at the apex of your career, having spent decades studying law and applying care and diligence to that profession. You are brilliant; a man who others wish to be.

Then, your own mind turns on you.

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A Quote About Writing

“Writing is a sacred calling — but so are gardening, dentistry and plumbing, so don’t put on airs.

“Writers are journalists before they’re anything else. You keep coming back to journalism, which is continually hard work, to describe action, to narrate a sequence of events and somehow keep your own fine sensibility out of it, to simply say how the game progressed.”

– Garrison Keillor

The New Daredevil Preview: They Cain’t Fight!

Oh, Netflix “Daredevil” TV series:  I love you, but sometimes not so much.

“Daredevil” season one was the only superhero-themed TV series that I was excited to watch all the way through. It slowed down occasionally, but I found something to love about every episode.

Except for the fight scenes. Although I suppose it’s appropriate for a TV series about a blind crime fighter to have fight choreography created by someone who apparently can’t see. This is a complaint I had from season one, and it doens’t look like things are going to change in the preview to season two.

The problem is that in a superhero anything, fight scenes are pretty important. So I am going to break down why I think most of the fight scenes in Daredevil don’t work.

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Expanded Paid Leave for Workers

On Rcooley123’s Blog, Rick Cooley talks about, you guessed it, expanded paid leave for workers.

He logically and persuasively lays out why it is this is great idea. If you’re on the fence about the concept, check out his post. Nay, the whole blog. Excellent reading!

Expanded Paid Leave For Workers at Rcooley123’s Blog.

Rcooley123's Blog

There have been calls for expanded paid leave for workers in this nation for years. Perhaps the two most frequently mentioned forms of such leave pertain to sick leave and maternity/family leave. The United States has fallen behind many nations in its refusal to make such practices the norm in its workplaces.

Many employers do provide for paid sick leave for their workers. Doing so is beneficial to the employees, employers and the general public for a number of reasons. If the worker has a job that deals with other people ( co-workers, customers, the general public, etc.), exposing them to the illness may spread it further. The productivity of the sick person will normally suffer, as will the future productivity of any coworkers who become ill as a result of contact with them. Spreading the illness to customers or the general public would certainly provide bad publicity for the…

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