There are girl cooties on my space ship–on women writing hard SF

An amazing piece on women writing hard sci-fi, and it is frigging ridiculous that this kind of things happen. It’s not supposed to be a #@$#& boy’s club. The story is what’s important, not the dangly or non-dangly bits of the writer.

Must Use Bigger Elephants

reentryAnyone who knows me even passingly will know that I dislike pulling gender into a discussion at the first available opportunity. I don’t “do” gender-related panels, and I don’t favour pushing women’s work for the sake that it’s done by women. We have a number of really awesome female science fiction writers. My most favourite-ever writer, C.J. Cherryh, is a woman, and so is Lois McMaster Bujold, another one of my favourites. Kim Stanley Robinson, another one of my favourite writers, is a man, and so is Stephen Baxter. I like their subject matter and that’s why I like those writers. This is how I tick.

I also get weary of people blaming their lack of success too easily on external factors. Having success is a matter of luck and talent–but mostly luck, and persistence–before being a function of anything else. I believe that quietly chipping away and engaging with…

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