Poetry Schmoetry… Hey! That Rhymed!

NOTE: This is, of course, my opinion. If you don’t share it, hooray! It makes our time together more interesting.

My attitude about poetry has shifted over time. At first, I read and wrote nothing but poetry. Then I fell away from poetry and had a lot of scorn for it. Now, I’m slowly coming back around.

With some major caveats.

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Is Editing Important?

Yes, this is an important question. I’ve known people who claim that the writing is what’s important, and editing for style and grammar is an unnecessary detail. “What’s important is that the message gets across,” they ask. “Everything else is fiddly-bits,” they claim. 

I can’t even begin to address how wrong this is. Wait, that’s not true. I can TOTALLY begin to express how important editing is.

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Okay, let’s start here:

You live in a volcano. But it’s not just some random volcano. It’s a paradise island with a volcano in the center. And this isn’t just a garden-variety volcano. Oh, no.

It has all the amenities! Media centers, living quarters for hundreds, elevators, brushed metal finishes EVERYWHERE, all of the modern amenities, a fleet of weaponized helicopters, yachts with secret speed boats carried inside of them like a mother and child, and advanced scientific equipment.

Plus, gigabit broadband!

Unrealistic? Okay.

Suppose you are the supernatural personification of evil. You have the horns, the giant bat wings, the fire licking out of your eye sockets, and the attitude. You can pose as a beautiful human when you want to, and often do to lead people astray. But your all-consuming anger doesn’t keep you from enjoying your sardonic view of life and your charming ways.

People like you and want to be like you. You can charm people when you want to, but even when your evil plans are revealed, you have a plan B, C, D, and so on through YYY. Only a deus ex machina can stop you.

Also, you are quite the looker!

And even when you are stopped, no one will ever forget you.

What is not to like about being evil?

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Procrastination: Am I Spelling That Right?

There have been a lot of starts and stops with this entry, so please bear with me.

The problem is I am very distractible. I have a lot of interests and they all know my name and the route I take home from work. Everything is fascinating so I am chasing these interests in a frenzied rush.

I want to prove to you that yes, I have indeed been writing. Here are the various stops and starts with this article:

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