Bullsh*tting The Sci-Fi Way!

Here’s the problem with either writing sci-fi or (if you’re Margaret Atwood) “speculative fiction.” Often you have to be an expert in technologies, societies, and minutiae that not only don’t exist, but are be ridiculously improbable.

Take space travel. Space travel is ridiculous. It involves literally incomprehensible amounts of space through an environment that is notable for having no environment at all. A lot of empty space is oddly known for being full of things, like lethal amounts of radiation or micro-asteroids. One doesn’t travel through space as much as one escapes from space or dies trying.

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Progress, But In A Different Way

Writing Advice: Give Yourself A Break

Always write every day. That’s the general advice. And it’s true. Always write. A day without writing is a day wasted.

With that in mind, don’t hit your head against the wall.

In my case, revision has been really difficult. I am still excited about the story I have to tell, but attaching the right words to the framework has been tough.

So I am taking a week-long break to write other projects. I have two other novels in the planning stages, but a large number of short story ideas that have been germinating for a while.

Today I have been working on a fantasy novel idea, mostly sketching out the first chapter to get the feel for the story before I work on the outline.

So if you are hammering away at a project and the thought of it exhausts you, give yourself a treat by writing something else.

But seriously, keep writing.

In Other News…

Today was my youngest daughter’s first day in preschool. With that in mind, I felt a little sad dropping her off. I can’t quite place why, but there it was.



Jotting Down Notes During the Apocalypse

Novel Progress

Stop hectoring me!

Writing Advice: What Is Going On?! Is There A Sign On My Back?

Today has been a Rube Goldberg machine of suck. For instance, I’ve had terrible heartburn all day, so it’s off to a roaring start.

I went into the bathroom to get some Tums. Mmmmm! Chalk! As I was putting the berry-flavored talcum pills away, I slammed my finger in the drawer. I cried out. This set off the parrot, who came screeching and flapping around the corner.

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Enjoy Your Favorite Jackass!

Novel Progress

Writing is easy. Rewriting is NOT NOT NOT! I am continuing to fill out the details and locating the characters in time and space. This means working with all the fiddly-bit details that are necessary but not very sexy to write.


Some wonderful artists are terrible, terrible people.

For instance, Theodor Geisel, aka Dr. Seuss. There is no question on how wonderful his children’s books are. There is also no question that he had an affair while his wife was dying of cancer, thus driving his wife to suicide. He married his mistress shortly afterwards. They then ditched his new wife’s kids from a previous marriage because “Ted would not have been happy with them.”

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Happy Nude Year!

Novel Progress

Every time I get out, they pull me back in! I thought I was done with chapter six. Oh boy, was I wrong. I had to go back and complete the action, then set things up for the next chapter. NOW I am ready to move onto chapter seven.

Writing Advice: Humor? Why?

Please pay no attention to the title of this piece. It was written for illustrative purposes only. This article is about humor in narrative.

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