Progress, But In A Different Way

Writing Advice: Give Yourself A Break

Always write every day. That’s the general advice. And it’s true. Always write. A day without writing is a day wasted.

With that in mind, don’t hit your head against the wall.

In my case, revision has been really difficult. I am still excited about the story I have to tell, but attaching the right words to the framework has been tough.

So I am taking a week-long break to write other projects. I have two other novels in the planning stages, but a large number of short story ideas that have been germinating for a while.

Today I have been working on a fantasy novel idea, mostly sketching out the first chapter to get the feel for the story before I work on the outline.

So if you are hammering away at a project and the thought of it exhausts you, give yourself a treat by writing something else.

But seriously, keep writing.

In Other News…

Today was my youngest daughter’s first day in preschool. With that in mind, I felt a little sad dropping her off. I can’t quite place why, but there it was.