You Can’t Spell “Aspirations” Without “Pira”

Novel Progress:


Writer’s Etc.: Busy!

Sorry about keeping this brief. Today the whole world is full of pigeons and I’m the only statue. So in lieu of actually doing any writing, I can at least think about writing and call it a day.

What are your aspirations in writing? What’s your goal?

What’s mine? Thanks for asking! My goal is to be so good at writing that people will tell me I’m not as good as I used to be.

You’re very polite today. I’m not. I think the best word for me today is “snappish.”

Anyway, mostly my goal is to get better at slamming multiple words together to see what happens. Kind of like a particle physicist. Kind of like being exactly like a particle physicist, in fact. Some days I’m all like “I have Word open, I know some words, let ram them into each other as hard as I can w““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““`and see what falls out.”