Serious Moment!

Writing Advice: SAVE NOW!

I took the day off from writing because my computer blowed up on Tuesday evening. All was going well, then one reboot later… KABLOOEY!

A-tip-typing on the computer is the way I write.

However, no fear from me. I’ve saved all my writing on three different cloud services. Why?

It pays to be paranoid!

I actually lost a novel once. In 2011, I had completed the first draft of a novel when my hard drive crashed. I don’t think it was an editorial statement from the hard drive, that the work was so bad that the hard drive committed suicide rather than store another bit. I tried not to take it that way, anyway.

Since I hadn’t printed out the novel, it was completely gone into the aether, along with everything else I’d written prior to 2011. Kill your babies, indeed!

So I have been studious in backing EVERYTHING up on various online services. Currently, I use OneDrive, Dropbox, and iCloud. Save for massive EMP caused from multiple nuclear explosions in the upper atmosphere, I feel pretty safe about things.

So when my C: drive went kerflooey, all was… well, not FINE, but I wasn’t hyperventilating either. I had no pictures or documents on that drive that I didn’t have elsewhere. The novel I am working on is both saved on multiple remote servers AND printed out for markup.

So SAVE EARLY, SAVE OFTEN! Whether you need to print things out or copy everything onto an external drive, do it! Safeguard your thoughts. Not only CAN it happen to you, given enough time it WILL happen to you!

Trust me on this one.

Share your horror stories, IF YOU DARE!

2 thoughts on “Serious Moment!

  1. My portfolio for a creative writing class was due the day before this happened to me. I lost everything. Had to redo each piece from scratch, thankful I still had the critique notes written down so I could work with those. The only all nighter I ever pulled in college was that night. NEVER. AGAIN.


    1. Thundercheese

      You are SOOOO much smarter than I am! It’s happened to me three times. There were many years between, but apparently it takes three disasters for me to learn a simple lesson.


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