NanoWriMo Update: 11/22/2015

Word Count

45,461 words! Over 3,178 words! (3,179 words total) And I promise, it isn’t merely “All Work And No Play Make John A Dull Boy.” I’m saving that for the last chapter. BOOM! You’ve been Shyamalan’ed!

Batter’s up!

Writing Advice: Nudity!

There is a great temptation when you’re working on a story you’re excited about to show people your work in progress. Don’t do it! Showing someone your first draft is like showing someone a naked picture of your lover and asking “do you think they’ll look good in yellow?”

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NanoWriMo Update: 11/21/2015

Word Count

42,282 words! 2,229 words written. Saturday is TWOsday!

Let’s get to the sausage making, my lovelies.

Writing Advice: Becoming a “Good” Writer

Becoming an author for the money is like becoming a stand-up comedian for the dignity. Writers are viewed lower than assistant grips in the Hollywood nesting tree, in which the higher-up birds poop on the next branch down. Why? Everyone thinks they can become a writer.

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NanoWriMo Update 11/18/15

Word Count

Aaaaand, we’re up to 35,117 words.

I originally felt accomplished when I was writing 1,667 words a day: the minimum needed to get to 50,000 words by November 30th. Now it feels like I did a half assed job because my numbers are so low.

WRITING ADVICE: Writing the In-Between Times

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