Ease Off The Pedal

Word Count

51,135 words! Not as many as I’m used to, but it’s the razza-frazzin’ holidays. Sorry. Language.

Next up…

Writing Advice: Stop, Already!

Sometimes, the “muse” can be a little pushy. I’ve been dreaming about my story, thinking about my story during work, plotting out my story while eating, writing the outline of my story on the front of my Trapper Keeper™ with little red hearts surrounding it, scratching the names of my protagonists on my arm with my finger nails, and carving the name of my novel on the old oak tree down by Potterson’s pond, where the ol’ tire swing is.

Part of the above is not necessarily true. But I’m a novelist, not a dad-gum journalist.

I should mention that today I am feeling a little grizzled. But consarn it, sometimes a fliber-flabbin’ man got to let his hair down and get behind the mule!

I should probably get a hold of myself. What was I saying again?

Oh, yes! Muse! I think they’ve kinda gone downhill. Once they released “The Resistance”, the writing was on the wall for the band. I think they peaked at “Black Holes and Revelations.” If it ain’t so, I’ll be hornswoggled!

Okay, I need to take a break. Get some old fashioned lemonade or some of Ol’ Don Piano’s Hard Cider from down the general store. Anyways, I need me a new pick axe and some carrots for old Betsy Sue. That mule ain’t gettin’ no prettier but she’s the best friend an….

Be right back.


Okay, back. Can you spot what went wrong? I sure can’t. I drank a Bloody Mary and the symptoms seem to have died down. I read that a Manhattan or even a Shirley Temple can fix the issue. Really, any alcoholic/fancy drink that involves straws, an umbrella, a martini glass, or a “sprig” of something will do the job. The more, the better. Thanks, WebMD!

I think I can focus up again.

So, take a break every so often. Not too often. Don’t let things slip. But take care of yourself. You want to exercise your imagination, but not strain it.

J. D. Salinger said that “novels grow in the dark.” What he PROBABLY meant was that even if you’re not working on your novel, your tricky little brain keeps building up your world and characters.

What he probably didn’t mean was to compare novels to mushrooms. I don’t know how they would be. I’m not at liberty to ask J. D. Salinger what he meant. I haven’t had a Ouija board in ages.

Anywhoozle, take a break and do something else for a few minutes. For instance, today is Thanksgiving Day in the U-S-of-A. I am going to celebrate by eating a delicious meal with my loved ones. Then I’m going to take all of their things. Manifest destiny!

So take care of yourself, have a good time, git yerself some drinkin’ cider, maybe fry up some biscuits, grab the ol’ pick axe…

Land o’ goshen! Gotta drink me some more city drink!