NanoWriMo Update: 11/23/2015

Word Count

47,722 words total. 2,261 words today. Hot damn!

Here’s what you’ve been dreading.

Writer’s Advice: Writing When You’re Sick (of Writing)

I’ve caught a monster cold. I feel terrible. I caught it from another author. This is why writing is usually a solitary art form. Writers are generally an unhygienic bunch. I can imagine writers’ rooms are heavens for contagion. One day I’ll visit one bringing a black light with me to prove my hypothesis.

It doesn’t help that many writers I’ve met are hypochondriacs. If they’re not sick, they think they’re sick.

I have lot of fun at writing groups.

Anyway, when I sat down to write today, I thought “why not take a day? My head feels like it’s stuffed with hobos.”

It was rough going at the start. I must have erased the first sentence five times. It was like pushing a rope uphill. But it finally caught fire and I ended up with a couple of thousand words that will probably make it past the revisions.

What a tale of heroic perseverance! I’m like that guy who was stuck in the crevasse for a hundred and twenty-plus hours. Epic poetry shall be written in my honor! I wrote over two-thousand words while being uncomfortable! Suck on THAT, marathoners!

Perhaps I shouldn’t type advice after having drunk NyQuil, which is truly the most potent Quil there is.

I guess what I am trying to say through my moonshine cough medicine fog is to keep going. Write when you don’t want to. Maybe ESPECIALLY when you don’t want to.

Also, don’t get too close to a writer. Seriously, we’re carriers.

And at the end, treat yourself to some NyQuil! Then kick back, and blurdle blumble blurf.