NanoWriMo Update 11/18/15

And we are up to 33,388 words. This is the royal “we”, of course.

It’s easy to write because I am creating a story I am excited to tell. I’m not giving away any details at the moment.

The funny thing is that at the beginning I was more excited about writing the SECOND book; the one to follow this one. But everything is holding together well. I consider it a wasted day if I write under the minimum amount of words per day (1,667).

How weird is this: I started crying today because I found a song that encapsulates the feelings of one character for another character.

Yes, I am all verklemmt over the applicability of a song to an imaginary friend. No wonder writers drink.

Speaking about writing (or making word sausage): don’t get too wrapped up in worrying about how the first draft story is going. PLOW ON! Type even if it means you rolling your face over the keyboard and calling it “free verse.” Once you have pressed a single letter onto page or screen, you have beaten back the forces of darkness! Wield the language and stab the necromancer! Claim his obsidian castle! Foul his bidet! And seize the mirror that lets you look into naughty places! Take his…

I think I lost my way there.

What was I saying? Oh, yeah! Isn’t free-verse poetry like the LAZIEST form of writing ever? “Whew! I wrote half a page (double spaced) about how my cat is like a mountain! Bath time to wash off all the sweat, then off for a grapefruit to celebrate my latest triumph!”

I seem to knock myself off track a lot, so I should stop.

By the way, this was the song:

“Neverland” by Marillion